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Indiana Photographic Society Activity  CALENDAR

Wednesday evening 7:00-9:00 p.m. Regular weekly meetings are at Garfield Park Arts Center. Note meeting dates in the calendar are in bold.

February 2014
February photo assignment: Blue
5Meeting cancelled due to weather conditions
8Field Trip: 8-10am - Early morning photography in the Garfield Park Conservatory - Tripods are allowed until they open to the public at 10:00. Showing the pictures from this event is our March assigned subject.
12Presentation: - Ron Everhart will present a slide show of Starkey Park, Zionsville; he says: "I will show a hundred pictures of Starkey Park. I have done of lot of photography this fall and winter. Mostly macro."
19Critique night: - for anyone wanting feedback about a picture or two they plan to have in the exhibit. - Also: Drawing for March exhibitors for the Society permanent exhibit in the upper (elevator) hallway (about 8 pictures).
26Regular meeting - Show our assignment pictures - Blue - Also: Share your photography tips night

March 2014
March photo assignment: Early morning photography in the Garfield Park Conservatory
5Regular meeting - Mat cutting
12Presentation: - Jerrid Spicer of Roberts will bring in new equipment to show us.
19Regular meeting - Mat cutting Also: Last date for giving Shelli list of exhibit picture titles, photographer's name, location where taken, and sale price or NFS. Shelli will make the exhibit tags.
26Regular meeting - Show our assignment pictures - Early morning photography in the Garfield Park Conservatory

April 2014
April photo assignment:
5Regular meeting - Photography roundtable
12Regular meeting - Photography roundtable
19Regular meeting - Photography roundtable
26Regular meeting - Show our assignment pictures -


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Garfield Park Arts Center Hours
Tuesday - Friday1-6pm


Advanced Compostion Information Sheet - from the presentation on May 6, 2009
This is the information that was used for the June and July (2009) photo assignments. Advanced Composition PDF file This file is rather large, it would be advisable to right click the link and select Save Target As .. to download and read.

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